Jon Mark & David Antony Clark – The Leaving of Ireland

Jon Mark & David Antony Clark - The Leaving of Ireland

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John Mark & David Antony Clark – The Leaving of Ireland
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, White Cloud Records/Naxos, 1998

Ok, please join me on another trip down memory lane. “The Leaving of Ireland” is a concept album by these two musicians from “Down Under” and a number of session musicians, with Jon Mark once again showing that he still has a fondness for his Celtic/Irish background.

On the whole, this is a largely folk-like album with ditto instrumentation, yet with Jon’s wonderful electronic solo pieces here and there (e.g. “A Hundred Shades of Green”, “Hills of Home”) in which the strongly melancholic atmosphere of his first two solo albums shines through very clearly. There are also some brilliant tracks with beautiful female vocals (“Freeborn Man “and “Kathleen”) that are strongly reminiscent of Loreena McKennitt, a few pieces have a narrative voice or are characterized by a lot of ambient/atmospheric notes. After several listens, I just wondered what were Mr. Clark’s audible contributions, as I don’t really like music…

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