Jon Mark – Land of Merlin

Jon Mark - Land of Merlin

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Jon Mark – Land of Merlin
CD, Kuckuck Schallplatten/Celestial Harmonies, 1992

Paying another tribute to his English heritage, Jon Mark’s “Land of Merlin” descends a level deeper, exploring the “time” of his stunning debut album “The Standing Stones of Callanish” once again.

“Land of Merlin” contains the translation into melodic music of the King Arthur story and the beautiful countryside of Cornwall, all seen through children’s eyes.

The gracious, melancholic and again masterfully rendered gentle synthesizer chords and soundscapes are a blessing for the ears and mind, containing a warmth and spaciousness that seems to have become a trademark of his music.

These excellent impressionistic sketches with mournful, sometimes slightly melancholic undercurrents touch a sense of romance, whispering enchanting echoes from a distant past.

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