Jonathan Badger – Metasonic

Jonathan Badger - Metasonic

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Jonathan Badger – Metasonic
CD, High Horse, 2006

The cd “Metasonic” (lasting only 29 minutes!) is a live recording by the Baltimore- based musician Jonathan Badger.
The music is all done with guitar with no studio overdubbing. In what he calls “a diverse sonic palette”, Badger applied use of pulse to bring rhythm to the ambient form.
“Code” kicks-off with raw guitar sounds but “Beat On” delves into more introspective spaces as does “Flame” and “Fortune”. “Vault” features some organ-like & whirling sounds, but I can’t say the music is leading anywhere. In all its rather uninteresting. Towards the end the music becomes murky. “Egret” sounds like scratching snares.

No, this is certainly not my thing nor something I’d like to recommend.



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