Jonathan Hughes – Circumflex

Jonathan Hughes - Circumflex

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Jonathan Hughes – Circumflex
CD-R, AtmoWorks, 2008

Ambient musician Jonathan Hughes might be known by some as the man behind SubSpace. Under the latter moniker, he previously released a handful of releases which he put out privately, later on releasing two other projects through The Foundry using his own name.

The tracks on “Circumflex”, his first album for the Atmoworks label, are all named after typographical terms. According to Jonathan, the titles don’t hold any sort of deep connection to the music, they just sounded cool to his ears.

Rather distant and abstract in nature and form, the eight free form tracks on the 41-minute album dwell in atmospheric realms in which I couldn’t detect lots of emotion.

Strangely enough, the 8-minute piece “Dieresis” is an excellent, smooth sounding, down tempo excursion with a lovely solo on top.
I would have welcomed more kindred music on this cd, although the shimmering ambience of “Monoline” is nice as well.
The sonic content of the other pieces just isn’t up my alley.

The album is available as CD-r or as 320 kbps mp3 download.



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