Jonn Serrie – And the Stars go with you

Jonn Serrie - And the Stars go with you


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Jonn Serrie – And the Stars go with you
CD, Miramar , 1988

I remember “And the Stars go with you” marked my introduction into the mesmerizing world of classic space music that started to spread slowly over Europe through distributors in the mid ’80’s.

After nine years of shaping his skills and building quite an extensive library of planetarium music, Atlanta-based musician Jonn Serrie felt confident enough about his musical qualities, which made him decided to construct albums out of them. The first would become the beautiful “And the Stars go with you”.

In 1986, Serrie was involved with the Teacher in Space mission from NASA, which educated kids about space. As the space shuttle blew up, Jonn decided he needed to do something with the grief of the tragedy and the unfortunate death of teacher Christa McAuliffe who was on the shuttle. It was the visual image company Miramar which decided to release the album by starting a record label. In spite of the sad circumstances, the album became a huge success.

This was due to Jonn’s ability to mirror the subtle beauty and mystery of space, a sense of drifting through time and space. It’s great floating stuff featuring lush morphing synth textures along gentle pulsating rhythms and melodic lines, all triggering the imagination without effort. Serrie’s captivating exploration of galactic environs is at its best on longer takes, here applying to the ethereal “The Far River” and “Stratos”, each clocking at 10 minutes. Overall, these contemplative, warm sounding and overtly serene galactic atmospheres form a peaceful sea of bliss.

“And the Stars go with you”, regarded by many as essential space music, saw a remastered re-release in 2002 on New World Music. This version included the 5-minute bonus track “And with you 2”.


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