Jonn Serrie – Ascendant Destiny

Jonn Serrie - Ascendant Destiny

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Jonn Serrie – Ascendant Destiny
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, New World Music, 2024

Jonn’s goal for “Ascendant Destiny” is to take his audience to beautiful and inspiring places with his signature blend of lush, emotive, and cinematic ambient soundscapes. Spending much time in deep meditation and contemplation, Mr Serrie tried to create another journey through both time and space, wanting the listener to experience a unique feeling of immersion amongst the wonders of the universe.

Well, the music on the six tracks is all of a drifting, effortless, and lush unwinding nature and doesn’t differ from what his loyal fanbase is accustomed to. Two tracks, “The Prism of Lyra” and “Zeta Reticuli”, are my personal favorites here due to their more mysterious-angled atmospheric realms propelling a tad deeper into the cosmic unknown.

Although “Ascendant Destiny” turns out less spacy in the end it’s pleasant to listen to.

P.S. As for the back story ​of the release: after these many years of composing, ​Jonn decided to take his audience and ​himself on to a new journey using a few new tools in the wonderful world that synths offer.  ​He was considering the concepts of time and distance and wanted to musically explore them as an album project​ and thought that the words Ascendant Destiny were appropriate to ​his exploration. It harkens back to the “Planetary Chronicles” adventures.



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