Jonn Serrie – Azurae

Jonn Serrie – Azurae

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Jonn Serrie – Azurae
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Valley Entertainment, 2019

With “Azurae”, Jonn wanted to follow up on musical ideas he developed on “Lumia Nights” and present a new perspective on those ideas. “Lumia Nights” envisioned an elegant “old school” romantic ideal with new age flavored contemporary instrumentals and an arrangement of “Autumn Leaves” help set the stage. With “Azurae”, he put effort in elevating this concept to a spiritual romantic ideal with an ambient approach to the arrangements, while maintaining the original visions explored on “Lumia Nights”. In addition, Jonn used synth programs designed for “Lumia Nights” to help create a smooth unfolding and merging between both albums so they compliment each other.

As such the “Azurae” presents the elegant nature of the romantic ideal taken to a high spiritual level, which was something Jonn was seriously considering and hinting for while working on “Lumia Nights”. The lush-romantic style of the latter -combined with Serrie’s signature spacious sound design- is continued here in a manner I’d best pinpoint as a gracious 55-minute reverie with a  cosmic angle. Here Jonn once again defies boundaries, sketching out harmonies of earth and sky, filling the space with overtly gentle textures and drifting spheres without any rhythmic structures to massage and calm down the mind. The last two tracks move further and deeper into cosmic environs, touching the realm of endless space on the 10-minute “Slow Boat to Andromeda” especially. It’s also this final track I’d rate 4 stars. Nice going Jonn.


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