Jonn Serrie – Day Star

Jonn Serrie - Day Star


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Jonn Serrie – Day Star
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, New World Music, 2014

Day Star” is the follow-up to the 2009 space music poem “Thousand Star”, on which Jon Serrie continues combining space music and the romantic: he takes the whole vision of space and instead of being cold and technical — exploding stars and black holes – he softens/feminizes that image of outer space successfully on his later catalogue of releases.

In the process of softening it, romance slipt in, making the outcome a pleasing, almost cozy place in which to rest and repose. On the emotive “Day Star” you won’t find just deep space environs, mysterious undercurrents and an analogue sonic touch as known from Jonn´s “Planetary Chronicles” albums. Instead, we are treated with smoothened and lush cosmic soundscape washes on the first two pieces, as the gently sequenced and flowing textural outcome breaths a lighter and more enchanting tone.

The 7-track imaginary space journey is overtly relaxing and full of grace, easily taking the listener on its velvet wings for a trip beyond. I for one am glad the whole album hasn´t turned out too soothing and soft though. More profoundness along mysterious curls and twists can be found on the exciting “M-Theory” and “The Antares Rift”, and on final pieces “Quantum Seas” and “The Sum over Histories”. On the latter two, the peaceful breathing spaces both clock over 12 minutes, as their expansive sonic canvasses wash over you like a warm breeze.

All in all, the excellently mastered“Day Star” (another invitation to let your soul out to the stars) makes a trusty and solid space companion to further experience the wonders when you look up at an expansive, beautiful starlit sky.


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