Jonn Serrie – Elysian Lightships

Jonn Serrie - Elysian Lightships

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Jonn Serrie – Elysian Lightships
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Valley Entertainment, 2023

This album had a long way coming, as already three of its tracks (also the first three on the release) were already released as “singles” with intervals in 2022. The 6-track “Elysian Lightships” is described by Mr. Serrie as “conceived using a combination of great sci-fi literary ideas, production capabilities, and a vivid musical imagination. I see these elements as synthesizer rocket fuel powering the creative process”.

Well, with the exception of “Math Galactic”, the outcome is not the deep or mysterious cosmic music I was hoping for, as it turns out an overall serene, galactic floater taking us through the vaporous spheres up above. The latter isn’t executed in any lengthier piece, which would be almost impossible with an overall album duration of just 38 and a half minutes. Another downside -for me at least- is the recording is not released anymore as a factory-pressed cd, not even in a limited edition, which feels weird for a space musician who is at the pinnacle of electronic space music for so long.

So although “Elysian Lightships” sounds familiar and like a safe haven, I can’t deny a distinct sense of disappointment either after such a long wait.



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