Jonn Serrie – Epiphany – Meditations on Sacred Hymns

Jonn Serrie - Epiphany - Meditations on Sacred Hymns

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Jonn Serrie – Epiphany – Meditations on Sacred Hymns
CD, Valley Entertainment, 2005

The subtitle of this cd didn’t make me that curious to liste to it. That is, something gave me the shivers this might be like his Christmas-albums. However, this cd proved to be better.
In a previous e-mail Jonn already stated that this cd “sure would rustle a few New Age feathers out there”.

With “Epiphany – Meditations on Sacred Hymnes”, Serrie returns to his childhood days, the time he often listened to his grandmother when she played the church organ, something Jonn would do later on. He selected nine classic tracks of church music and gave them intimate, spacious treatments.

The outcome is a pastoral album of contemplation, at times even uplifting, but nevertheless it contains a strong new age flavour. It begins with Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”, a beautiful introspective lingering. The fourth piece is an almost silent and sedative outlet, but like the second and third pieces, and also tracks 6 –8 it sounds a bit too light.

“Light of Thy Countenance” is Jonn’s own composition, one which delves in an engaging pool of soft, swirling spatial textures. Nice going. “O Magnum Mysterium” is the album closure and it is an introspective heartfelt excursion.

In all, “Epiphany” is an album that will make you slow down if you let the religious music in. Nonetheless, this is another atypical Serrie recording, which ended up with an overall soft, chilled-down sound.


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