Jonn Serrie – Flightpath

Jonn Serrie - Flightpath

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Jonn Serrie – Flightpath
CD, Miramar, 1989

For his second album “Flightpath”, Jonn Serrie didn’t want to repeat the concept of his debut-album “And the Stars go with you”. Instead, being an experienced pilot himself, he decided to return to his boyhood love for flying, aerospace and the various aspects of flight. He delivered six compositions commemorating the pre-space-age test pilots of Edwards Air Force Base in the 1950s, transforming the history of flight into the spacious realms of our imagination.

Taking off with the up-tempo but no so memorable title piece, the album offers some beautiful cosmic renditions such as the delicate celestial realms of “Muroc”, “Deep Spaceship”, and “Glyder”. The latter is easily the best track on this recording, immersing the listener into the deep cosmos while spreading a deeply peaceful and relaxing aural scent. Second best is “Deep Starship”, sonically sounding more adventurous as it unfolds its mysterious spheres slowly.

Although not as strong and evocative as Jonn’s debut, “Flightpath” still makes an enjoyable listen for ambient-space lovers.


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