Jonn Serrie – Ixlandia

Jonn Serrie - Ixlandia

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Jonn Serrie – Ixlandia
CD, Miramar, 1995

“Ixlandia” is the sister album of “Midsummer Century”, following the poignant sense of romance of the previous album while its melodic, song-written music describes the environments and places of the classified story.

Jonn again used soft romantic images and traditional songwriting techniques which were more common to everyone while introducing the spacier elements as the album progresses. The outcome thus offers a similar approach, cheesy sounddesign and smoothened, romantic songs.
This time around, Mr Serrie also invited a saxophone-player for one track, which turns “Night Orchid” into slick and soft ballroom jazz.

Things turn out better on the 9-minute “The Century Princess”, where gentle spheres and overall lushness start to fill the room. It’s a fine introduction to the magnicent cosmic environs invited in on both “Starport Indra” and “The Tachyon Directive”. The ethereal waves on the latter really tap into the deep end of the galaxy. “Welcome Home” elevates the listener again, making a velvet outro with special effect vocals and a dash of romance shimmering through the sonic leaves as we leave the stars behind.

As was the case with “Midsummer Century”, only the pure cosmic music featured on the last tracks (approximately 25 minutes) justifies the purchase of this album


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