Jonn Serrie – Midsummer Century

Jonn Serrie - Midsummer Century

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Jonn Serrie – Midsummer Century
CD, Miramar, 1993

On this emotive recording, Jonn Serrie takes the mixing of romantic elements into his space music (as introduced previously on “Tingri”) to an even higher level while moulding it into narrative storytelling.

“Midsummer Century” is the first of two concept albums where the composer unfolds a musical sf-story based on a fictional Century Princess. The full outcome is twofold, as it contains both sweet/New Age electronic music (featured on the first five pieces) next to pure cosmic music featuring none of these infuences.

I must say it’s a slap in your face and a huge disappointment hearing the series of soft, loungy and feel-good instrumental songs taking off from the start (including a cover of Jimmy Webb’s classic song “The Moon is a harsh mistress”) when you’re familiar with and a fan of this composer’s evocative space music achievements.

Fortunately, the recording also contains the beautiful “The Ancient of Days” and “Land of Lyss” (where the otherworldly feel surfaces the most) and “The Last Secret”, making up 25 minutes of celestial delight. Here, the level of cheesiness is reduced to almost none as we venture into lush and imaginary spaces where captivating atmospheres flow onward seemlesly


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