Jonn Serrie – Planetary Chronicles, Volume 1

Jonn Serrie - Planetary Chronicles, Volume 1


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Jonn Serrie – Planetary Chronicles, Volume 1
CD, Miramar, 1992

This album is the first of two releases filled with a selection of Jonn’s earlier (commissioned) planetarium works along library music, all accomplished using analogue gear only. Such a recording gave Jonn an opportunity to put forth his deepest ideas about space and to experiment with new textures, going further and further into that virtual dreamland beyond without any commercial expectations or considerations.

This way around, the pure cosmic music aficionado gets a full treat, as Mr Serrie takes us into the grand expanse of deep space environs with no song-based approaches or any cheesy moments concerning the highly cinematic and transcendental outcome.

This shows in the far less melodic character and more indepth nature of the gentle floating, slow evolving tracks, which sees Jonn mix beautiful textural spheres of mystery and wonder expertly throughout the 5-track/46-minute galactic ride. An attentive ear will can discern influences from German cosmic music (e.g. the Rubicon-like sequence featured briefly in the deep-space trip “The Straits of Madigann”), but this is only occasional. “Starmoods”, with 16-minutes the longest piece on the album, is a serene and relaxing soundscape drifting onward on ethereal wings. “The Auran Vector”, the final piece, comes forward more enigmatic again, containing an evocative pulse sequence.

Overall, the well accomplished “Planetary Chronicles Vol. 1” breathes the signature space sound of the composer and is surely recommended.


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