Jonn Serrie – Starmoods

Jonn Serrie - Starmoods

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Jonn Serrie – Starmoods
Mc, Future Music, 1984

Let´s turn the wheel of time and join me on a trip back to 1984. That year would see the cassette release of “Starmoods”, the debut of one of the finest electronic space music composers around who started out exploring Lightship adventures with musical outcomes from there on. In my search for the music, I found out the masters of the album’s music were lost to the sands of time, as in disintegrated oxide on analog tape. This setback made me and a longtime friend track down the full music elsewhere in the best possible quality, as only an excerpt was released later on on “Planetary Chronicles Vol. 1” (1987).

Serrie’s “Starmoods” is a lovely 43-minute introduction to deep space music celebrating the mystery and subtle beauty of the cosmos. Things are kicked off nicely by the moody “First Night out” that propels the listener gently into cosmic environs, transforming the cold and technical aspects of outer space by softening them with subtle melodies, transparent textures, and slight romantic vibes. Some intergalactic radio chatter enhances the experience along the first traces of reaching into the deep end and unknown.

The romantic vibe shines through even more on the pastel-colored musical notes of the title track where it feels like one can almost touch the stars as we float onward weightless. A smooth pulse sequence sets the tone for the subtle glistening “Glyph” as we journey effortlessly through the expanse in search of new worlds.

If you are an avid Jonn Serrie fan it’s worth the effort to track down this space cruiser, I reckon.

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