Jonn Serrie – Sunday Morning Peace

Jonn Serrie – Sunday Morning Peace

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Jonn Serrie – Sunday Morning Peace
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Valley-Entertainment, 2011

There´s not much to say about this one as the origin of this album with stress-relief music goes back to 2005 when Jonn released it privately on CD-R entitled “Sunday Morning”. For this official release, the music has been reworked with the sounds of the seashore woven into the gentle, velvet sonic fabric. As such the ethereal harmonies and gentle rhythms on the five tracks make up a lush, smooth evolving spacy atmosphere filled with relaxing and therapeutic values, a peaceful aural comfort meant for those in mental need (like humans affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder ). Hearing the music in this form doesn’t much change my initial opinion as I still feel “Maiden Voyage” is the weakest track here due to its cheesy, new-age sound design aesthetics. Get a copy when you’re looking for a most tranquil, soothing, and floating aural breeze.

Overall rating: between 3 and 3.5 stars


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