Jonn Serrie – Sunday Morning

Jonn Serrie - Sunday Morning

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Jonn Serrie – Sunday Morning
CD-R, Private Release, 2005

In more than one way, “Sunday Morning” is a rather exclusive cd, as Jonn Serrie has composed five tracks of overall harmonious stress-relief music with a new-age vibe.

As Jonn states in the liner notes, he was very touched by David Kirby’s book “Evidence of Harm” and how difficult living with Autism Spectrum Disorder is for both the individual and family members.
In the end, it inspired him to compose 50 minutes of bright sounding music that would provide a relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere.

The 11-minute title track takes off in a velvet, spacious non-rhythmic fashion carrying Serrie’s signature. It only occasionally touches any of his space music realms as a sense of romance and the use of environmental sounds is always close.

Lofty percussion and effects set things in slow motion on “Maiden Voyage”, which noodles along a bit too much in new age style as explored on his album “Lumia Nights”.
The free form piece “The Enlightened Path” is much better with its warm, smoothly whirling and drifting textures, nicely followed by the cosmic sanctuary hidden within the core of “Breath of the Valley”, which also features a short, happy solo voice.
The 13-minute “Sea Mist” brings things to a closure with soothing and overall gentle flowing sound design.

A portion of the profits from this independent release goes to support for autism organizations in the United States.


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