Jonn Serrie – The Sentinel

Jonn Serrie - The Sentinel


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Jonn Serrie – The Sentinel
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, New World Music, 2017

The six deep space “paintings” making up “The Sentinel” are based on and inspired by Steven Caldwell’s (aka Stewart Cowley) Terran Trade Authority book series published between 1978 and 1980. These (as it seems) were highly influential art /sci-fi story combinations for folks interested in hardware oriented sci-fi at the time depicting a fictional near future where man has reached the stars by nations collaborating on joint projects to explore the solar system and nearby stars.

Moreover, Jonn’s idea is to transport the audience as close as possible to where the music exists, more particular into deep virtual reality starship realms, the point where the Sentinel becomes the music and you become the Sentinel (with the goal to dissolve the veil between source and destination).

Well, the velvet, mysterious and very spacious sound worlds making up the 62-minute Virtual Reality audio journey are another gracious space cruiser in the true sense where cosmic magic unfolds in many layers, dimensions and through expansive (often non-melodic) soundscapes. The weightless, drifting textures and intriguing moodscapes accompanies the listener through interstellar gateways, massive star fields and other galactic splendor while triggering the imagination gently and without any urgency. While immersing in the flowing, off-the world outcome you’re indeed on a starship, you’re wearing that spacesuit, it is your universe and your story, all told through musical imagination.

All in all, “The Sentinel” offers a high-quality aural pathway to the stars tapping into the deeper end while mysteries lurk in every corner and distant horizons keep calling.


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