Jonn Serrie – The Stargazer’s Journey

Jonn Serrie - The Stargazer's Journey


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Jonn Serrie – The Stargazer’s Journey
CD, New World Music, 2003

After too many cheesy, chill-out, feel-good and profound romantic albums I gave up hope Jonn Serrie would ever be able to release any new mature space music.

Well,the 60-minute “The Stargazer’s Journey” is exactly that, a full-length release of traditional cosmic music with no weak spot. Words simply can’t express the expanse, beauty and awe found in each of the six highly imaginary pieces ranging between 8 and 15 minutes.

They all contain compelling, in-depth atmospheres, vibrant sound effects and expert layering of textures that top both “Planetary Chronicles” releases. “The Stargazer’s Journey” is all about cohesive, warm and evocative sonic scenery and out-of-this-world exploration in the truest sense. Above all, it’s an elegant, beautifully rendered cosmic narrative.

“The Stargazer’s Journey” is a must-have in the classic space music genre you simply don’t want to miss out on.


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