Jonn Serrie – Tingri

Jonn Serrie - Tingri

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Jonn Serrie – Tingri
CD, Miramar, 1990

On his third album “Tingri”, situated in a remote village in Tibet, composer Jonn Serrie started infusing spiritual, feel-good romantic flavors into parts of his music.

While still sounding spacious and sticking to his signature sound, the album turns out far less “space” overall. On his later album “Midsummer Century”, Mr Serrie would execute a silimar sonic approach. The outcome ranges from a few melodic, rhythmic-spiced songs found in the first half to longer pieces riding toward the cosmic avenue.

Don’t be put off by the slick and cheesy title track kicking off the album, as we know this artist can do better than that. Next to the emotive “Remembrance” with great guitar work, I’m most pleased with the chilling beauty and awe gracing “Winter’s Chapel” and “Tingri Maiden”. These two ambient sketches compromise the less on the deep space sounddesign. To a certain degree, this feel also applies to the gentle “Annie by the Sea”, an 11-minute sonic romance Jonn dedicated to his beloved wife.

Despite the broader range of music and its undisputable more commercial-oriented approach, “Tingri” still has some great moments.


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