Jonteknik – The Satellites Of Substance

Jonteknik - The Satellites Of Substance

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Jonteknik – The Satellites Of Substance
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Jonteknik Music, 2013

“The Satellites of Substance” is a concept-album by Jonteknik, aka Brighton-based musician Jon Russell, about and inspired by communications and satellite technology.

From the press-sheet I learned Mr Russell improved his musical skills whilst working alongside synth-pioneer Paul Humphreys of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. The accessible music, spread out over 15 tracks, reveals a strong influence of the ’80’s and ’90’s music of Kraftwerk, but more often focuses on its mellow side.

Made with software plug-ins based on vintage synthesizers, the music features similar bass/drum/beat structures along lush, warm textures, robotic voice and melodic lines. “Music by machines” e.g. fits in the “Computer World” era, while the more advanced techno-side of the Kraftwerk-esque output is shown on “An Awkward Moment” and “Music Machine”.

Overall, I think Jon did a nice job that quite some will appreciate.
A global download of the robotic music release will follow in November 2013.



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