Joost Egelie – Particles

Joost Egelie - Particles

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Joost Egelie – Particles
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

Joost Egelie is a Berlin-school inspired electronic composer living in Belgium, who derives much inspiration from the electronic music that surfaced between 1973 and 1975.
“Particles”, his fourth full-length album if I’m correct, is my first encounter with his music. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise and satisfactory experience. As Joost describes on the cd-sleeve, “Particles” is a concept-album conceived during a personal period of reflection, healing and finding new beginnings, sonically exploring themes on philosophy, deeper meaning and change.
Moreover, the music is an emotional narrative, merging sequenced and freeform elements in a subtle but also versatile manner. Many forms and intrinsic landscapes are adressed in this (head-phone) music that I perceive rich in nature but subdued in its presentation.

I personally prefer the immersive levels and stillness explored on the long ambient cuts “Ion” along the excellent “Charmed” and “Someone”, while the morphing, slightly minimal sequencing and lush spheres making up pieces as “Gamma” or “Majorana” show cast Egelie’s more dynamic side.
Minor flaws concern both the productional and mastering side and the rhythms.

“Particles” is available as download from Bandcamp.



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