Jorge Reyes – Bajo El Sol Jaguar

Jorge Reyes - Bajo El Sol Jaguar

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Jorge Reyes – Bajo El Sol Jaguar
CD, Opcion Sonica/Mexican Records/No-CD Records/Musiqu, 1991

“Bajo El Sol Jaguar” (Under the Sun of the Jaguar) is a key ethno-ambient release by Mexican multi-instrumentalist Jorge Reyes, who later on would team up with Suso Saiz and Steve Roach to found Suspended Memories.

It’s a concept album addressing ancient mythology of the Mayan culture featuring techno-tribal music that’s very hard to pinpoint. The 40-minute progressive outcome contains flute, pre-Columbian instruments, heavily processed e-guitar, assorted percussion, rhythmic body sounds, synthesizers and voiceis of a highly hallucinogenic, transcendental, psychedelic and organic nature, a kind of primeval soundtrack with exciting pieces like opener “The Dream”, the mind-altering yet powerful “The Eagles Divine Flowers” and the vibrant shaman-ceremonic “The Serpents Dance”. Next to these, the epic/dramatic curls up very nicely on “Permanent Waves”.

Overall, the adventurous, mysterious and dark atmospheric flavor of the Prehispanic music album makes this not something for the faint of heart, but most rewarding and fulfilling when you open up for it or have a closer listen. Sound quality and mastering are excellent.



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