Jos D´Almeida – Aether

Jos D´Almeida - Aether


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Jos D´Almeida – Aether
CD, caPe Recordings, 2016

Jos d’Almeida composed the music of “Aether” with the purpose to create some meditative songs that would be able to transmit relaxation. For the album’s music, Jos envisioned and realized a complete spatial sonority while leaving space for arpeggiation and sequencers.

Well, the 71-minute result offers a rich blend of warm pads and dreamy synth textures created from designed sounds as well as a touch of Vangelis, all fitting in the same frame that were layered and/or combined later on. There’s some emotive, tranquil and smooth-sparkling music found on “Aether”, such as “Full of Stars” and “Atlantic Mist”, while the 9-minute “Wolf Rayet 104” takes things into a larger, more epic cosmic expanse with a sense of drama.

Contrary to that, pulsating, sequencer-led electronics make up the vibrant “Tabula Smaragdina”, followed by the melodic, tempo-driven “Where will we arrive….” both found in the centre of the release. Emotive symphonic spaces make up “Angy”, shifting to a livelier, rhythmic-driven sphere on the title track that has a very nice bass line to it. On the final track “Zero”, cosmic environs enter the stage once more with nice sequencer-lines surfacing halfway.

All in all, the excellently mixed, mastered and produced “Aether” makes a compelling, highly recommended listen. Congrats, Jos!


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