Jos D’Almeida – Aspheres

Jos D'Almeida - Aspheres

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Jos D’Almeida – Aspheres
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, caPe Recordings, 2019

“Aspheres”, a concept album dealing with a period after mass extinction, is the third release by Portugese synthesist Jos D’Almeida who’s residing in Ireland since two years.

The almost 80-minute/12-track outcome links to the previous album “Aether” but evokes far more drama as it unfolds intensely before the listeners ears. In addition there’s an ether-ish, cosmic component wandering through the melodic-infused atmospheric soundscapes alongside strings of fat, heavy synthpads to create the dramatic impact mentioned previous. The latter applies definitely to “ETA Carinae” and the sweeping “Geometric Progression” while a Vangelis-realm surfaces on “Hello, from the children of planet earth”. Feelings of melancholy and sadness make up the beautiful “Among Dolphins”, a sweeping soundscape where the sense of loss is imminent.

In the end “Aspheres” makes a pleasant listen similar to D’Almeida’s previous releases.


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