Jos D’Almeida – Continent 7

Jos D'Almeida - Continent 7

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Jos D’Almeida – Continent 7
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, caPE Recordings, 2022

The music this Mr. D’ Almeida’s fourth album “Continent 7” was created and finalized during the Covid pandemic but its actual release date was postponed until Spring 2022 when the world slowly started to open up again.

This time around, the composer attempted a little more progressive approach, introducing various electric guitar parts into his instrumental electronic music while conceptually following up on the post-humanity, futurist environment addressed in previous releases: an evolved perspective of Atlantis.

The music comes in three cinematic movements of 19, 17, and 26 minutes each, where the various segments melt an assortment of cosmic, symphonic, and contemporary elements. I feel though the composer has taken, what he refers to as, the progressive approach a bit too far. Things already turn out a bit uneven on the first movement (ending up with a brief part with what I perceive as a screaming guitar). This is contrary to the dramatic parts making up the more balanced second movement, which the composer calls old school. Overall and as already mentioned, I feel the addition of a loud e-guitar in different sections of the album is intrusive, disruptive, and simply out of place.

All the aforementioned makes me have quite some mixed feelings and thoughts about what I expected to be another promising recording from this musician, although it stretches not as far as being neither meat nor fish.


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