Jule Grasz – Earth Feelings

Jule Grasz - Earth Feelings

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Jule Grasz – Earth Feelings
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Beats & Pieces, 2012

Jule Grasz is a female synthesist hailing from Northern Germany who started composing music around 2006. The 73-minute “Earth Feelings” is a spacious, highly emotive chill-out experience inspired by travels through Norway, encounters with its beautiful nature and its population. The theme and feel of travel is present almost constantly throughout the whole release where dronescapes, broadening textures and a variety of vibrant rhythms are embedded in an ongoing stream of hypnotic, as well as tribal-infused atmospheres.

Give “Earth Feelings” a spin if expressive longform ambient with minimalist as well as down-tempo and dubby bits pleases you.

Website: http://www.julegrasz.blogspot.com


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