Julian Ray – Argonauts of Kosmos

Julian Ray - Argonauts of Kosmos

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Julian Ray – Argonauts of Kosmos
CD-R, Julian Ray Music, 2010

Julian Ray is a Toronto-based Ambient / Cosmic / New Age musician who paints his music and designs his sounds from small pieces of imagination, observation and fantasy.
Julian released four album previous to “Argonauts of Kosmos”, the latter being a concept release presenting the space journey of argonauts of the New Era and their mission of space exploration.

Well, “Argonauts of Kosmos” offers music in an own style. Julian is keen on producing imaginative space textures and fusing them melodic lines, while there are also occasionaly certain groovy and slightly experimental bits to be found in the music.

Although the music doesn’t fit in my personal taste, one can hear the troubles and craftmanship in the music, which at times vaguely made me think of Software. This has to do with the soothing, lively vibe running through the fine crafted music next to assorted vibrant and mysterious elements. These contrasts in the music flow make the 70+minute “Argonauts of Kosmos” something to submerge in.

Overall, “Argonauts of Kosmos” creates a lush cosmic canvas to take the listener out there.
The album is available as digital download.

Website: www.julianraymusic.com


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