Justin St. Vincent – The Spiritual Significance of Music


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Justin St. Vincent – The Spiritual Significance of Music
BOOK, Xtreme Music, 2009

The anthology “The Spiritual Significance of Music” is a book that investigates the relationship between music and spirituality by means of a series of interviews with worldwide writers and musicians.

Music can open up the mind and soul, establish an emotional connection or even be a communication tool with therapeutic potential by creating a dialogue or by changing moods/states of being.

For this book, Mr St. Vincent (director and founder of Xtreme Music) invested over a year of hard work in doing exclusive in-depth interviews with a whole range of people in various music genres, ranging from pop, metal, rock & soul music to new age and electronic. These in the latter genre are with Michael Stearns, Gary Stroutsos, Iasos and Aeoliah, who were willing to share their thoughts and ideas as they speak about the vibrational gateway and the multi-faced aspects of music.

Next to providing thought provoking and insightful reading, the accessible content captured within “The Spiritual Significance of Music” most of all celebrates and embraces the beauty, various dimensions and diversity of the universal language we call music since many centuries.

This said, it’s more than an eye-opener to the deeper meanings of the ever-growing world of music among us, with even some life lessons for all of us if your like….


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