Justin Vanderberg – In Waking Moments

Justin Vanderberg - In Waking Moments

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Justin Vanderberg – In Waking Moments
CD-R, Hypnos Secret Sounds, 2007

My passion for gentle, well-rendered textural and highly emotive soundscape music made me track down this debut release by Justin Vanderberg, who left quite an impression on me with his 2011-release “Synthetic Memories”.

Steve Roach was in charge of the mastering of “In Waking Moments”, a meditative and introspective album featuring three individual yet interconnected parts (Drifting into Sleep, Dreams and Memories and Waking Moments) respectively.

The freeform outcome is a tranquil, smooth evolving and spacious affair of drifting textures following in the footsteps of Roach’s “Quiet Music” and “Structures from Silence”. So if you love to submerge in those inner worlds, “In Waking Moments” will compliment those reflective, serene moods and spheres very nicely, while expanding the experience to a longing effect occasionally.

The mesmerizing “Temporal Extraction” and “Tracing the Inner Circle” are my favorites among the eight carefully molded, slow shape shifting and spacious ambiences. Also check this out if you love the works of Max Corbacho or Numina. Nice going, Justin!



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