Juta Takahashi – Light and Shadows

Juta Takahashi - Light and Shadows


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Juta Takahashi – Light and Shadows
CD, Lunisolar Records, 2017

“Light and Shadows”, released on December 6, 2017, is the first double album by accomplished Japanese synthesist Jutaro Takahashi. Jutaro’s 12th release comprises six extended ambient soundscapes, two new tracks (“Tangerine Blue”, “Deeper Skies”) and four others that were featured previously on txt recordings’ Nagual collections.

Well, Mr Takahashi presents long tapestries of minimalist, soft soaring, lush, warm and expertly layered textures. The latter features rich and pastel colors with subtle nuances while painting some thoughtful sonic scenery. In addition, there’s a beautiful sense of radiance, tranquility and heartwarming glow present in the gentle unfolding, spring to summer-themed compositions (leading into fall eventually) that never cease to fascinate as they spiral up and downwards.

All in all “Light and Shadows” is a quality ambient drift caressing the mind, making it dream quite effortlessly. It keeps resonating nicely in your head after the music stopped playing. Well done, Juta.

Website: www.jutatakahashi.com

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