Juta Takahashi – Miyabi

Juta Takahashi - Miyabi

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Juta Takahashi – Miyabi
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Lunisolar Records, 2021

“Miyabi” is an album containing brand new music after an environmental approach (“Music for Urban Promenades I & II”) and a collection of tracks (“Gems”). Gentleness and tranquillity still graces Juta’s textural music, a sophisticated blend of electronic and acoustic sounds with ethereal, drifting, and dreamy qualities. The latter elements shine bright on “Stellar Light”, while the title track (dedicated to Juta’s soulmate) offers rays of elevating, warm soundscapes hovering over a rapid, minimalist piano line. An analogue drone kicks off the minimal “Rêve Lucid” with only a few lush bell sounds and environmental bits surfacing during its 16-minute duration.

The release ends with beautiful 18-minute “Devotions”, depicting an ancient Japanese ritual ceremony in the outdoors. It sets out as a touching, most serene ambient piece of gliding textures and piano keys with the space opening up and rays of sunlight entering from the 6-minute mark evoking goosebumps.  Rest me to say one should play “Miyabi” when in search for calm, solace, and simple beauty, all presented as attentively rendered long-form ambient.

Website: jutatakahashi.bandcamp.com

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