Juta Takahashi – Music for Urban Promenades

Juta Takahashi - Music for Urban Promenades

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Juta Takahashi – Music for Urban Promenades
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Lunisolar Records, 2020

Taking inspiration from a collage of faint bell sounds heard inside an indoor shopping mall in Yokohama, Juta Takahashi decided to undertake his own environmental approach and create this continuous low volume ambience.

The outcome, the nearly 63-minute “Music for Urban Promenades”, is a slow evolving tapestry of lush swirling sounds and dronescapes made with bells, analogue synths and contra bass. I especially like the soft glistening current running through the minimalist, calm (and occasionally even ethereal) aural slumber. It’s too “active” though to call it meditative. Still, its mesmerizing, non-intrusive character makes time fade into the background almost unnoticed as the listener submerges into and is surrounded by its gentle, balanced sonic balm.

All in all “Music for Urban Promenades”, light and transparent in nature, is something special that also works well in infinite playback mode. I’d recommend it to fans of Eno’s longform releases especially.


Website: www.jutatakahashi.com

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