Juta Takahashi – The Door into Winter

Juta Takahashi - The Door into Winter

Release data:

Juta Takahashi – The Door into Winter
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Lunisolar Records, 2007

For his second release, Juta Takahashi chose a winter-theme which is expressed through three lengthy tracks. Its freeform soundscape ambient without a chilling effect though, as Mr Takahashi uses warm flowing pads in his quite minimal-oriented music.

There’s a sense of stillness and balance embedded in these lush textures that give the outcome a bit of a meditative character. This feel is especially present on the second piece “Enlightenment” and the 20-minute title track, both featuring slow morphing synth washes as the flight unfolds. As well as on his debut, there’s still some work on the mastering and production side.

The physical version of this album is sold out, but one can still get the music as download from e.g. cdbaby.

Website: www.jutatakahashi.com

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