Juta Takahashi – Transcendence

Juta Takahashi - Transcendence


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Juta Takahashi – Transcendence
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Lunisolar Records, 2013

With the tenth release of this talented Japanese musician, we enter the next level of the ethereal, expansive float zone. Once more sticking to a free form, textural outcome, Mr Takahashi brings his listeners four 16-minute tracks with drifting, exotic-spiced soundscapes along a very nice touch of analogue sounds. It all roams in the wide open in full glory.

On “Higurashi”, gentle piano keys are married expertly with uplifting, almost heavenly pads, bringing the beauty and immersion of the celestial outdoors almost in reach, while a hypnotzing sitar-drone and lush flute make up “Nirvana Electronique”. Pure stillness reigns on the highly meditative “Maitri”.

The concluding title track feels like coming home and closing the circle, featuring a warm blanket of sun rays shining through the clouds. This very well produced and mastered 66-minute outcome has a profound calming and contemplative effect, easily deserving a four star rating.

Any fan of intrinsic, evocative ambient music is gonna love this. Chapeau, Jutaro!

Website: www.jutatakahashi.com

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