Kai Harster – Return to Nature & Other Delights

Kai Harster - Return to Nature & Other Delights

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Kai Harster – Return to Nature & Other Delights
LP/CD-R, Private Release, 1985/2011

The self-produced “Return to Nature & other Delights” by German composer/painter/lyricist Kai Harster (which received some critical acclaim from Hubert Bognermayer of Erdenklang fame) welcomes its listeners to a strange world of collected acoustic visions.

In the distance, some of the meditative/avant-garde and rather psychedelic sound art sounds vaguely like early Kitaro and Tomita but also features many quirky, twisted vibes visualizing gas clouds or craters full of bubbling lava. The ambient-experimental outcome of assorted nature sounds, treated human voice and electronics (PolyMoog, Mini-Moog, PPG-sequencer, Moog vocoder), the three main elements making up “Return to Nature & other Delights”, creates a surreal yet organic mix of soundscape stillness and mysticism that invite the listener to fantastic journeys into a friendly, peaceful sound bubble.

Overall, this playing of feelings and emotions featured on six tracks is not that easy at hand but proves quite mind-altering and hypnotizing in the end. As such “Return to Nature & other Delights” proves an album of contrasts between the mystical spacey side and the experimental.

Mr Harster remastered and remixed the album in 2011 and now offers the release as a home-brewed cd-r to the world.

E-mail: kai-harster@t-online.de


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