Karmacosmic – Music for Tantra & Meditation

Karmacosmic - Music for Tantra & Meditation

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Karmacosmic – Music for Tantra & Meditation
CD, BSC/Prudence, 2004

Karmacosmic is a project of Rüdiger Gleisberg (Solitaire), Carsten Agthe and Mathias Grassow. Well, don’t expect this album to be that quiet, as some live- recorded rhythms are implemented into the music.

The trio presents an hour of oriental flavoured music, which, for the most part, is instrumental. Some of the used textures remind of Gleisberg’s former band Solitaire, but overall the music is taken into a more spiritual direction.

Rhythmic and soundscape like tracks exchange each other throughout the album, although the “Shiva Beat Lounge” is a poor track which doesn’t fit. The two-fold “Home of the Gods” is well tempered and somewhat minimal, and it is intimate with nice textural dwellings that carry that Solitaire-edge.
The same can be said for the closing track “Kundalini Rising”, a dreamy soundscape featuring some water sounds as well.

Although I gave the cd several more spins the music as a whole didn’t leave much of an impression.
But those who like some trance chill-out, keep this on in mind.



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