Kebu – Perplexagon

Kebu - Perplexagon

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Kebu – Perplexagon
CD/LP, Secret Entertainment, 2016

It’s quite easy to understand why the music of Sebastian Teir (aka Kebu) is so popular and appreciated by many. His music is highly accessible, melodic and sequencer/up-beat, bearing hints of Jarre (“Equinoxe”/”Rendez-Vous”), Schiller along a dose of contemporary dance/trance music.

Especially the latter plays an important role on his second full-length album “Perplexagon”, which was launched live in concert on “E-Day 2016”. On that occasion, Sebastian proved for an enthusiastic audience what an excellent live performer and skilled synthesist he is using analog synthesizers only.

Except for the last piece,catchy, groovy and fast-forward dance/electro tunes make up the instrumental tracks on the 45-minute album, where combos of sequencers and rhythms shift into higher gear easily while the outcome keeps hitting the contemporary dance/trance button with quiet interludes in between.

For me it all turns out a bit too busy and same, but if you like to have a party or like to hit the autobahn with high speed the groove-driven “Perplexagon” could be a suitable audio companion.



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