Kebu – Urban Dreams

Kebu - Urban Dreams

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Kebu – Urban Dreams


There’s no doubt Kebu (aka Finnish synthesist Sebastian Teir) is a busy guy since he kicked off his sonic journey about a decade ago. “Urban Dreams” is Sebastian’s third full-length effort on which this skilled musician still uses (an assortment of) analog equipment only resulting in lots of warm, aptly layered synth pads.

Some 20 highly accessible songs make up the 75-minute release, a bit too much when listened in go. Melodic and joyful ballads (with an occasional euphoric vibe) pass by next to dreamful, moody pieces (“Another Reality”, “Meeting the Ice Princess”). Stylistically, things are far less leaning toward Jarre anymore, instead of venturing into the synth-pop territory of Schiller or Madis. It’s a pity though several tracks come up with some screamy, distorted solo voices, such as “Discovering Utopia” and “Fleetings Lights”, which seem overkill. But there are some very well-made, catchy compositions like the Schiller-ish “Late for the Meeting in the Maze” or the exciting, almost epic “Saved by MacGyver”.

Despite quite various obsolete tracks and too lengthy playing time, this pop-oriented album (‘a celebration of power ballads and soft rock beats from the ‘80’s’ according to the promo blurb) will sure be embraced by a wide EM-audience.


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