Kees Aerts – If One Door Closes

Kees Aerts - If One Door Closes

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Kees Aerts – If One Door Closes
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2008

“If One Door Closes” is the second full-length cd of Kees Aerts, released after a hiatus of almost ten years, and which (is my impression) would never had been out by now if several people hadn’t asked for it.

Well, the disc compiles 12 mostly older tracks, some going back to 1990, and a few more recent pieces. The musical style is of a highly melodic, accessible and sequenced nature, ranging from rhythmic contemporary instrumental music to more synth-pop oriented stuff. Beside that, the elements “fun” and “enjoying the joy of life” play an important part in of of them .

I imagine some may find the music too easy and a bit simple (e.g. “Entering the Unknown”, “Dragonfly”) but between them are gems such as “Put me down, Scotty”, the dynamic 13-minute “Decision Time” (with some nice sequencing and vocoder singing), or the moody “The Sun Shines, The World Smiles” made with Ron Boots.
The real highlight is found at the album’s tail: the excellent, highly energetic 12-minute “Move Forward and Discover”, which fires all electronic engines.

This said, the collection of new, old and previously (un)released tracks on “If One Door Closes” offers something for everyone.


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