Kees Aerts – Slices of Time

Kees Aerts - Slices of Time


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Kees Aerts – Slices of Time
CD, Groove Unlimited, 1997

What I got here is the very first Groove Unlimited-release. With “Slices of Time”, Kees Aerts (at that time business partner of Ron Boots’ Groove Unlimited label) also presents his official solo-debut. His name appeared previously on various “Truth” cds. The album -dedicated to the function that allows events to unfold sequentially in time- comes with a nice cover (vaguely reminiscent of the “Continuum” release on the Spotted Peccary label).

Musically it has become a very accessible, melodic/rhythmic disc with a rather individual style, but don’t expect any ingenious compositions or highly-skilled playing skills. One piece that really stands out here is “Friends, where Kees is assisted by James J. Clent on e-guitar and Ron Boots who adds an extremely relaxed solo on his trusted Wavestation.

Overall, “Slices of Time” offers nice, well-produced music without many frills that -as far as I’m concerned- just ranks above the level of the average debutant.

Errata: On the backside of the 1997-cover, the names of song 8 and 9 are interchanged: No. 8 should be “Lovers” while No. 9 should be “Other Worlds”. These mistakes are corrected on the 2002-remastered version.



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