Kelly David – Angkor

Kelly David - Angkor

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Kelly David – Angkor
CD, Rocky Mountain Records, 2006

Like Jeffrey Koepper, Kelly David also reelased his second cd in 2006. Same as Koepper, Kelly only uses analogue instruments for his music, which resulted in deep, darkening soundings on his debut “Broken Voyage”.

“Angkor”, again mastered by Steve Roach, tells a bit of a different story with its highly visual, overall acoustic/organic sound textures.
The seven tracks journey through a mysterious ambient soundworld, delving deeper into themes of exotic distant places.

At times the surreal, dense soundscapes approach the style of David Parsons, but overall they stay closer to primal sounds and the distinct realm of the jungle atmosphere.
The intense voyage nicely comes to a conclusion in the warm floating soundscapes of “Empire Lost”.

In all, this ethnic inspired music demands focussed listening, wrapping the listener tighter in the mystics of the temple city called Angkor with every track. Well done Kelly !



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