Kelly David – Illusive

Kelly David - Illusive

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Kelly David – Illusive
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2021

With “Illusive” (a 68-minute meditation on the endurance of beauty through troubled times), the evocative electro-acoustic journey Kelly David mapped out on predecessor “Meditation in Green” gets a natural follow-up, merging serene, ethereal soundscape imaginary with occasional subtle percussion.

The seven track outcome was composed during the Covid pandemic and explores the contrast between the calm quietude of David’s surroundings and the chaos taking place in the outside world.

Space-ambient aficionados for sure will very much appreciate the wakefulness-infused opener “Sentinel” (as well as the quite mysterious 12-minute floater “Into the Ether” found near the end of the album). Both are perfect to gently escape into. The dreamy, calm “Palione” unfolds in a cinematic mode, blending airy, abstract pads, hints of percussion and environmental sounds in a gracious manner. This piece is followed by the cyclic, lush sonic vapour of “Distance”, then shifting to a vibrant yet active mode with the subtle sequenced sonic vista “Garden of the Forgotten”. On the 8-minute “Top of the Trees” we enter an enigmatic world of soft swirling textures and exploration. Serenity, awe and majesty of the sea immerse on the minimalists, quite darkening “Northcoast”, the 15-minute closure of the recording.


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