Kelly David – Meditation In Green

Kelly David - Meditation In Green

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Kelly David – Meditation in Green
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2019

“Meditation in Green” encapsulates the listener into a hypnotizing world of in-depth dream and drone spheres accompanied by a fine assortment of field recordings and percussion.

Inspired by David’s personal exploration of various Khmer temples in Vietnam, the slow evolving immersive journey reveals a kaleidoscope of minimalist ambient textures and ethno-atmospheric aural paintings as it unfolds. On top of that is the organic, introspective nature running throughout “Meditation in Green”, not making it hard to almost sense and perceive the warmth and humidity of the environment.

After the inspired “The Long Night” with Steve Roach, this 58-minute recording -coined as a psychedelic musical journey deep into the heart of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta- is another fine effort that will be loved by those who fancy the electro-acoustic works of Forrest Fang, Robert Rich and alike.



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