Ken Elkinson – Music for Commuting Volumes 1 – 6

Ken Elkinson - Music for Commuting Volumes 1 - 6

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Ken Elkinson – Music for Commuting Volumes 1 – 6
CD, August Son Productions, 2011

Now here’s a peculiar release of a Los Angeles-based musician who decided to try his efforts in the ambient music genre after he had previously composed and released nine albums of solo piano music.

Ken Elkinson’s “Music for Commuting” is a triple cd-box comprising six albums with a total of 60 contemporary instrumental compositions, offering over four hours of music alltogether.
The outcome, generated entirely with keyboards and synthesizers, is a mix of new age, chill-out and relaxation music creating an overall positive and feeling-at-ease vibe. Ken’s main focus though is on textures along some melodic lines to let the music speak out a bit.

The first disc (“Monday/Tuesday”) of the set starts out in a darkening, droning and edgy manner while disc two (“Wednesday/Thursday”) shifts to livelier, synth-pop oriented stuff. The final disc (“Friday/Beyond”) ventures out in airy, cosmic, blissful atmospheres.

I personally had some trouble adjusting to the rather short length of the pieces on this release, but that won’t be an issue when you play it in the background. Next to that, this is a kind of superficial, easy-going music to my ears in which I occasionally discerned some crackles and noises.

The “Music for Commuting” box set as well as the individual cds are available in both physical and digital format through the artists website as well as through the regular online music stores.



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