Kerry Leimer – Lesser Epitomes

Kerry Leimer - Lesser Epitomes

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Kerry Leimer – Lesser Epitomes
CD, Palace of Lights, 2007

The ambient music on this cd is a collection of modern chamber music made with electronics.
Split in three long suites, it’s a textural free form piece of work.
In the first part, the strongest of the three in my opinion, the flowing sound of the electronic instruments resemble those of hobo and cello.

It’s music with a distinct melancholic, mournful feeling underneath. Things continue in the same emotion as the slow string sounds take over in the second suite “Nine Approximations”, which lingers on in a sombre manner.

The closing suite “Naïve Music” features spacious but still ongoing darker shaded themes of process music combined with field recordings for active or passive listening.

All in all, the 70-minute “Lesser Epitomes” is a peculiar kind of discreet ambient background painting for those in mourning spirits looking for reflective mood music.


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