Kettel – Myam James 2

Kettel - Myam James 2

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Kettel – Myam James 2
CD, Sending Orbs, 2009

This is the second and last chapter of the “Myam James” concept by laptop musician Reimer Eising.

Presented as a far cry of the first part, the moody cd contains instrumental tracks of which tracks such as “Kingcourt Inn”, “Boekebaas” or “Nicola” continue in the up-beat/breakbeat style featured on part one.

The music has remained a clear, open and warm sound, in which a melancholic vibe still flows somewhere underneath, even ending up in a romantic outing :“Cherie”. Other pieces (e.g. “Shinjuku Inn”, “You understand this Night?”, “Sauce”, “Song from 4pm Herring”) have a gentle and cinematic character, and wouldn’t be out of place on a soundtrack album.

“Sentiment”, “Verkens in Londen” and “Kintana” deserve a special mention with their happy, dancy tunes, which work out great as well and bringing you in a bright mood.

All in all, the music on this album is calmer and more melodic compared to the first one. Kettel’s distinct signature has remained, but now a strong classical vein shimmers through on many occasions.
“Myam James 2” is an electronic music album for those who like to dig something completely different and rather out of the ordinary, but still well done.



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