Kettel – Myam James Part I

Kettel - Myam James Part I

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Kettel – Myam James Part I
CD, Sending Orbs, 2008

Kettel is the alias of the Dutch intelligent dance music composer Reimer Eising, of which “Myam James” is the first of a series of albums.
His gear consist of software and a faithful laptop, on which he composes his rhythmic, wicked and quirky electronic pieces.

Next to lots of tweaked, squeezed sounds, one can hear both melancholic undercurrents and warm, positive vibes through the fresh electronic soundings, which even reveals the strong classic influence of Bach (e.g. “Church”).
Next to nine albums tracks, the cd contains two remixes done by early influencers Phoenecia and Secede

All in all, this is something completely different. Fun laptop music for those who love to investigate the weird corners of electronic music by means of acid with lots of melody, twists and turns.



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