Kevin Bartlett – Glow in the Dark

Kevin Bartlett - Glow in the Dark

The contemporary instrumental album “Glow in the Dark” is the follow-up of Mr Bartlett’s 2003 release “Near-Life Experience”, which blends a varied mixture of emotional electronics with lyrical guitar work, again slightly following in the footsteps of Mike Oldfield.

Kevin’s haunting, heartfelt musical style brings a whole array of progressive, symphonic and ambient elements together (overall breathing simple, straightforward honesty and an overall joy of life itself) next to a whole range of mysterious and hard to depict sonic undercurrents.

The soft soaring, almost mournful guitar solo’s scattered over the album tracks lend the music a sense of grace and epic-ness that are uplifting, moving and soothing at the same time.
There are many highlights and moving sections on the album, especially when velvet vocal textures take you away, ending up in free form, deep atmospheres.

On other tracks things evolve more up-tempo when (thunder)drums and heartfelt guitar solo’s kick in.
“Chauncey Saucer…”(with the “bulldozer bass”) is one of them, as is the “Moon v. Moon” which slowly built to symphonic grandness. Even a short, simple as gentle track as “Resuscitation” does the trick.

Toward the end, the beauty of it all seems to grow even more with the lush, uplifting title track, after which the last two tracks create the feeling of crossing the heavenly void between this world and what comes next.

In addition, the 77-minute, highly cinematic album is expertly produced, mixed and engineered, featuring some grand low bass textures which will almost blow any hifi-fan to the higher heavens.
This cd (which is also featured as the score for the upcoming documentary, “Peaceable Kingdom” from filmmakers Tribe of Heart) certainly has been worth the wait, deserving a high recommendation.
Well done, Kevin!



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