Kevin Bartlett – Near Life Experience

Kevin Bartlett - Near Life Experience


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Kevin Bartlett – Near Life Experience
CD, Aural Gratification, 2003

“Near Life Experience” is the awesome debut-recording of multi-instrumentalist Kevin Bartlett, offering over 73 minutes of evocative instrumental songs in which influences of Mike Oldfield, Enigma, Peter Gabriel and progressive/symphonic rock can easily be heard.

The album kicks off with (my personal favorite) “Gayatri”, with a Celtic kindred melody before the haunting female singing comes in, followed by strong orchestral timbres, heavy bass tones and lovely wailing guitar.
Throughout the album, the ten tracks show extensive use of nowadays sampling techniques next to passages of warm (neo)classical music, stretches of voices, soft echoing whispers, and choral parts.

A special note on the sound quality and engineering, which is breathtaking. In all, “Near Life Experience” is stunning cd featuring a complex palette of sound in which emotion plays an important role.

Make sure you don’t miss this one (headphones highly recommended)!



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